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Knole Park: Used as location for Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields videos

Knole Park
Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 0RP

On the 30th of January 1967, The Beatles came down to Knole Park to shoot parts of their Strawberry Fields video.
In the video, there's a scene of Paul jumping up into a dead oak tree which is covered by bits of broken piano and weird red lights (that tree unfortunately no loger exists, apparently it was struck by lightning during the The Great Storm of 1987)

Days later the Beatles returned to the park to shoot some scenes for Penny Lane.
You can see them riding the horses through the arch.

You can also see them seating down at a table by the pond for some english tea.
It's amazing how most of the park remains exactly the same after 40 odd years. 
And here's a little video of my adventure in Knole Park in 2009. 
It's all in portuguese, so apologies to those who won't understand a word. 
 I think is worth a watch, though!

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