sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

Stuart Sutcliffe's Grave

Huyton Parish Church
Bluebell Lane
L36 7SA 

Hello guys,
I've just came back from Liverpool, and thought about writing this post about my recent visit to Stu's grave.
For years I've been trying to find his grave to no avail, simply because all the information on the internet leading to his grave was either missing or misleading. 
I really don't understand why people would be so selfish, and keep the their knowledge of Stu's final resting place whereabouts to themselves. 
Stu was a great guy, admired by many, and I'm sure lots of  people would love to go and see his grave (which afterall is in a public place) to pay their respects.
As I eventually found the grave (and being the nice girl that I am),  I'll tell you exactly where to go to find it.
The cemetery is called Huyton Parish Church, and is located in Bluebell Lane. (BE AWARE THERE'S A LITTLE GRAVEYARD ON THE GROUNDS OF ST MICHAEL's CHURCH WHICH BEARS THE SAME NAME, HOWEVER STU WAS BURIED IN THE CEMETERY WHICH FACES THE CHURCH AND IS IN BLUEBELL LANE) It's quite a hidden little cemetery but if you have an i-phone or a GPS and type in the postcode L36 7SA, you'll find it straight away.  

The grave is right at the back of the cemetery on the left side. 

You can also watch me finding the grave (skip the video to 5:24 mins) here:

terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2011

My Strawberry Fields Jacket (Wonder Workshop)

I know this post doesn't really relate to any beatles place, but I just had to post about my newest aquisition: My lovely vintage Strawberry Fields Jacket!!!

I had been in love with this jacket since I first saw a picture of Paul McCartney wearing it.

The Jacket itself was a tribute to the beatles song "Strawberry Fields Forever".
And after some research I found out it was designed by Molly White and John Dove in 1968, under the label of "Wonder Workshop" in London, and in 1972 it was sold at a very cool shop called "Granny Takes a Trip", in Kings Road, London. 
Paul McCartney saw the jacket and loved it so much that he contacted the designers for some more jackets, so he and his bandmates could wear them on their very first Wings Tour in North America.

Following the Wings tour, the jackets became a huge success, and the designers had numerous phone calls from all over America asking for more jackets to be made, but because it was a small company there were only so many jackets that could be produced. 

It took me months to find a seller as the jackets are now very rare. I searched high and low on the internet, in retro shops, ebay, etc...To no avail. Then I had the idea to contact Molly White herself, who finally put me in touch with someone who had one jacket left in the head office of her retro shop in London.
So I poped up to the shop to have a look at the jacket (which funnilly enough is older than me) and to my surprise it was in a very good condition, few stains and water marks (that has now been removed with some dry cleaning) but other than that, perfectly good condition!!!
In fact it was prettier than I had imagined, and I just had to have it!!

So here's a few more piccies of my Strawberry Fields Jacket.

Here's a little video, but again, it's all in Portuguese! Sorry guys! =-)

sábado, 28 de maio de 2011

Knole Park: Used as location for Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields videos

Knole Park
Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 0RP

On the 30th of January 1967, The Beatles came down to Knole Park to shoot parts of their Strawberry Fields video.
In the video, there's a scene of Paul jumping up into a dead oak tree which is covered by bits of broken piano and weird red lights (that tree unfortunately no loger exists, apparently it was struck by lightning during the The Great Storm of 1987)

Days later the Beatles returned to the park to shoot some scenes for Penny Lane.
You can see them riding the horses through the arch.

You can also see them seating down at a table by the pond for some english tea.
It's amazing how most of the park remains exactly the same after 40 odd years. 
And here's a little video of my adventure in Knole Park in 2009. 
It's all in portuguese, so apologies to those who won't understand a word. 
 I think is worth a watch, though!